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Overview and Timing of Special Character and Ship Events 

Updated November 5, 2020

Every player should factor getting all of these event-only characters and ships into their long-term plans. This file provides a quick look at their requirements.

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Who/What is Farmable with Energies, by Location

Updated November 5, 2020

The document: starts with early-level Light Side, Dark Side, and Cantina Battles; then displays mid-level Light, Dark, Cantina, and Fleet Battles; and concludes with late-level Battles. This could help players to see what is accessible to them at different stages of the game.

See also: Crinolo's Farming Locations (Google Sheet)


Who/What Can Be Acquired with Tokens, by Store 

Updated November 26, 2019 (still up to date as of 11/05/20)

This shows what characters and ships are available in the stores in the order they appear within the GUI in the game: Cantina Battles Store (fixed), Guild Store (rotating), Squad Arena Store (fixed), Galactic War Store (characters fixed, ships rotating), Fleet Arena Store (rotating), Guild Event Store (rotating), and Shard Store (fixed). In particular, it can be helpful to see everything in stores with rotating characters and ships.

Within each store, characters and ships are alphabetized and then color-coded as light side/dark side.

See also: Crinolo's Farming Locations (Google Sheet)


 Faction Charts

Updated November 5, 2020

This shows where you obtain characters for ALL top-level factions. Factions are alphabetized in the document.

Within each faction, characters are sorted vertically roughly in order by how quickly they can begin to be obtained. This can help players to see faction-by-faction who is available at different stages of the game. It can also help to locate the best farming/store location(s) for a character and to farm characters and ships from one faction in parallel using different currencies.

Characters that require events or are not yet free-to-play are highlighted at the end of each faction list.

Small icons denote when a character has a ship or is individually needed to obtain a Legendary/Journey character/ship.


Map of All Character Classes/Factions

Updated November 5, 2020

This document is more of a novelty. It shows all character factions/classes on one image and contains some basic statistics about the game.

Newer players unfamiliar with all of the characters may be interested in how characters are organized generally. Veteran players may be interested in seeing how factions are connected by characters with multiple tags.


Timeline of Game Updates

Updated November 5, 2020

This game is ~5 years old and has added a huge amount of content over time, plus changes to characters and game modes and "quality of life" updates.

This document provides all of the key updates from September 2017 to the present. Take a trip through the game's history!

Look out for a retrospective on my YouTube channel (link below) based on this compilation!

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